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Vertebral discs are the spinal column’s shock absorbers. These discs cushion the vertebral bones and allow the spine to twist and bend. A herniated disc can press against the spinal cord or nerve root, causing pain, numbness and tingling.

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Vertebral discs are the spinal column’s shock absorbers. These discs cushion the vertebral bones and allow the spine to twist and bend. A herniated disc can press against the spinal cord or nerve root, causing pain, numbness and tingling.


Each vertebral disc is composed of two main parts, a soft inner nucleus and a tough, fibrous outer wall. A disc’s outer wall can be weakened by the normal wear of aging or by traumatic injury, allowing the nucleus to bulge or break completely through the wall.


Symptoms of a herniated disc vary depending on the location and severity of the herniation. A herniation in the cervical spine can cause problems in the neck, shoulders, arms and hands. A herniated disc in the lumbar spine can result in a burning, tingling and/or numbing sensation that radiates from the lower back down to one or both feet.

Care and Management

Chiropractic care can be a safe, noninvasive and effective method for managing herniated discs. Spinal adjustments, traction, decompression therapy, therapeutic stretches and strengthening exercises may be beneficial. Other care options may include cold or hot therapy, electrical stimulation and lumbar bracing. In severe cases, surgery may be required.

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