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Physician Assistant

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Miranda (Kal) Pendley, RDN, LD

Pain Management

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Dr. David Katz

Chiropractic & Wellness

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Physical Therapy

Scott A. Boschetto,


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Dr. Thomas Federico, MD

Dr. Thomas Federico, MD

Medical Director

Our Medical Director comes to us from 30 years experience in the medical field. Dr. Federico earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of San Francisco, then completed his Medical training earning his MD at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. After finishing his Residency in Family Medicine at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Milwaukee – an affiliate program of the Medical College of Wisconsin, he moved to the land of Mickey Mouse, and began practicing Family Medicine in Orlando Florida. Over the next 25 years, Dr. Federico practiced in many different areas of the Family Practice genre, including teaching Resident Physicians at Florida Hospital in Orlando, Private Medical practice, Urgent Care , Occupational and Injury Medicine, Pain Management, and even Cosmetic Medicine and Functional Medicine. He also has, on a side note, been singing in a number of choirs over the past, and is currently a member of the Georgia Symphony Chorus in Marietta.

He brings to us 30 years of his medical experience, and looks forward to meeting with you and helping us care for your Physical Medicine needs.

Dr. Khaled "Kal" Abouhaif DC

Dr. Khaled "Kal" Abouhaif DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Kal graduated from Alexandria University in Egypt with a Science degree in 1988. He graduated from Life University of Chiropractic in 1995. Dr. Kal opened his first clinic in Owosso, Michigan in 1997 where he treated many patients of all ages. His motto has always been: “do right by the patients and service them with gratitude, as they always come first.” Dr. Kal likes to think of his patients as friends and family. His practice in Michigan was very successful.

In 2006, Dr. Kal opened Woodpark family chiropractic center in Woodstock Georgia. In June of 2009 he converted that office to Advanced Health Solution where he provides combination chiropractic care and progressive rehab so that patients get better, faster, stronger – and in turn require less care and enjoy a better life.

Dr. Kal is a member of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors, International Chiropractic Association, Georgia Chiropractic Associations, Georgia Chiropractic Society and the Life College Alumni Association.

Dr. Kal lectures to local communities on various topics including health, inspiration, motivation, and personal power. 



Dr. David Katz

Dr. David Katz


Dr. David Katz is a Board-certificate Anesthesiologist who earned his medical degree from Thilisi State Medical Institute. Practicing medicine for over 23 years. He completed his residency at Brookdale University Medical center, New York.

Dr. Katz is currently expanding his practice to include all areas of interventional Pain management. His overall goal is to provide non-surgical relief to patient suffering from joint and back pain, eliminating the need for pain medications.

Dr. Katz is certified in interventional pain management through the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP). He is also certified in Aesthetic Application of Neurotoxins and Dermal fillers for Facial Enhancement Fundamental Techniques.

Miranda (Kal) Pendley

Miranda (Kal) Pendley


Miranda (Kal) Pendley, RDN, LD is a registered, licensed dietitian in Georgia. She loves helping others find the healthiest, happiest version of themselves through lifestyle change and nutrition counseling.

Kal graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Food Science. She continued her education at Georgia Southern University, completing 1,000+ hours of supervised dietetic training, and soon after, she passed the Georgia dietetic licensing exam.

Kal understands the physical, mental, and emotional struggle of carrying unwanted weight on a professional and personal level.

When she is not working, Kal enjoys baking, swimming, and spending time with her fiancé and three cats.

Adrienne Elstad, PA-C,MPAS

Adrienne Elstad, PA-C,MPAS

Physician Assistant

Ms. Elstad is a nationally certified Physician Assistant specializing in functional medicine at Advanced Health Solutions.  A Roswell native, Adrienne graduated from The University of Georgia with her Bachelor of Education degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science.

Following her time at UGA, she attended The Medical College of Georgia where she obtained her Masters Degree in Physician Assistant Studies in 2008.  After graduation, she worked at an orthopedic office for 8 years where she helped develop a conservative arthritis clinic as well as helped with local sports teams in sports medicine injuries.  During her last 2 years prior to joining our team she spent time working with a thoracic surgeon who specialized in robotic thoracic oncology. 

In our office, she treats a variety of patients including motor vehicle accident victims, back pain injuries, neuropathy.  In addition, Ms. Elstad performs in house joint and trigger point injections.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband Austin, and her three daughters, Blakely, Kinsey and Sadie, coaching competitive gymnastics, traveling and of course, Georgia Football

Scott A. Boschetto, PT, MS, ATC

Scott A. Boschetto, PT, MS, ATC

Physical Therapist

Scott’s interest in working with a chiropractor started in 2001 right in here in Roswell, Georgia. Curiosity with an open mind outside of the traditional medical paradigm, he decided to work with a chiropractor who wanted to have physical therapy services in conjunction with his medical and chiropractic services.

It wasn’t until then, the opportunity to make greater impact on patient outcomes became more clear and exciting. Through many trials, the development of simple spinal exercise programs with specific outcomes to match the goal of chiropractic adjustments paved way for a bright future with powerful treatment implications.

The main component of the spine exercise program is to control the soft tissue and muscle pain around that spine. It only made sense that when employing chiropractic adjustments affecting the mobility of the spinal segments giving pain relief, it is then physical therapy is used to assist in exercising muscles to hold that adjustment. As a result, thousands of patients have benefited from this combined approached since 2001.


Dr. Lori Lynch

Dr. Lori Lynch

Functional Medicine and Regenerative Medicine

With more than a decade of hands-on patient care, Dr. Lori Lynch specializes in regenerative medicine therapies. Her practice blends Functional Medicine and Regenerative Medicine for the ultimate approach to wellness and longevity.

Functional Medicine evaluates the body as a whole, determining the root cause of common problems such as weight gain, fatigue, and low sex drive, then mapping out a plan to address each issue through nutrition, herbal supplementation, and medication therapy as needed.

As a specialist in regenerative Medicine, Dr. Lori Lynch focuses on healing and regenerating damaged and aging tissue through the natural sources of PRP, amniotic allograft, and exosome therapies.

By combining the latest advancements in technology with the human body’s amazing capability to heal itself, she has helped many patients regrow cells that have been damaged by trauma, degeneration, and the aging process.

Regenerative treatments range from therapeutic injections to the spine, shoulders, knees, and other joints, to aesthetic applications such as RF micro-needling with PRP or injecting PRP for facial rejuvenation, sexual restoration, and hair growth.

So whether you suffer from joint pain or simply want to look and feel a few years younger, call us for a consultation today and learn how we can put our therapies to work for a happier, healthier you.

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