Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP Therapy)

Tons of research has been done on PRP. Scientists were simply trying to understand how PRP aids healing after an injury. PRP Therapy was first done on athletes and sportsmen who suffered different degrees of injury. Roger Federer, Tiger woods and so many others all had PRP done on them, in a bid to take care of their injuries. Prior to the development of PRP Therapy, athletes depended on surgery, drugs and at times therapeutic session in recovering from their injury. Athletes that received PRP treatment have hailed it as being more effective in helping them recover faster from injury.

PRP is no longer a novel medical procedure. Much has been said about it, and a great percentage of the populace is very knowledgeable about PRP.  Despite its popularity, people continue to ask questions like

  • How is PRP therapy used in treating injuries?
  • What are the kinds of injuries PRP is effective on?
  • How well does PRP work?
  • What really is PRP?