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Having a backache every once in a while? It is common for people to experience it every now and then which makes it easy to ignore. But what if it becomes too hard to move because of throbbing pain in the back? That does not sound good, does it?

When people experience back pain, they often choose pain medication. People are not aware that a better alternative option is available: chiropractic care. But what is chiropractic care and why is it a better alternative?

Woodstock Chiropractic care  by Dr. Kal is an alternative medicine that focuses on the musculoskeletal system of the body that also affects the nervous system and overall health. This includes all the bones of your body, specially the spine. Traditionally, chiropractic care is commonly used by people who have disorders of the spine via manual therapy that includes manipulation of the spine. This treatment does not require any medical operations; it mostly involves massages, therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises.

When people hear about manipulation of the spine, they tend be hesitant and question the safety of the procedure. But studies are made to make sure that each treatment in chiropractic care is safe and effective. Chiropractic care does not only benefit those who have spinal injuries and disorder; it is now also used for people who want to have better health.

Children, adults and even pregnant women benefit in chiropractic care in easing back and overall musculoskeletal pain. Doctors specializing in chiropractic care, also known as chiropractors, assess a patient’s need through clinical examination, diagnostic imaging and other medical procedures.

Dr. Khaled Abouhaif of Georgia Spine and Disc Clinic, or simply Dr. Kal, is one of the best Woodstock chiropractic care practitioner. He consistently studies and even gives lectures about chiropractic care and its benefits. He has been nominated and awarded for his work in chiropractic care. He has opened several clinics to accommodate patients who drive for hours to just to seek treatments from him. He caters to all patients from age 2 to even a 100.

With the number of satisfied patients, you are assured that Dr. Kal will give you the best treatment in Woodstock chiropractic care. He doesn’t treat you as “just a patient” because he treats his patients as friends and family. This made him very successful and sought for by patients.

To have a better health, we need to try to find alternatives that can suit our needs. There is nothing wrong in trying chiropractic care as an alternative for your pain meds. Contact us now so we can accommodate to your chiropractic needs.


What services does your medical clinic offer?

Our medical clinic offers a wide range of services, including primary care, specialty care, preventive care, diagnostic testing, chiropractic, physical therapy, and more. We strive to provide comprehensive and personalized healthcare to our patients.

What is the expertise and experience of the medical professionals at your clinic?

Our medical professionals are highly trained and experienced in their respective fields. We have a team of doctors, nurses, specialists, and support staff who are dedicated to providing quality care and ensuring the well-being of our patients.

Is the clinic conveniently located and easily accessible?

Our clinic(s) are conveniently located in a central area, with easy access to public transportation and ample parking facilities. We understand the importance of accessibility and strive to make it convenient for our patients to reach us. See all locations

What is the clinic's track record for patient satisfaction and outcomes?

We take pride in our high patient satisfaction rates and positive outcomes. We regularly collect feedback from our patients to continuously improve our services and ensure we meet their expectations. Read Our Reviews

Does the clinic accept my insurance or offer affordable payment options?

We strive to work with a wide range of insurance providers to ensure that our services are accessible to as many patients as possible. We also offer flexible payment options and financial assistance programs to make healthcare affordable for our patients.

How Do I Get the Most out of a Consultation?

The purpose of this visit is to assess your symptoms, diagnose any potential conditions, and provide appropriate treatment or recommendations. Your healthcare provider will outline the recommended treatment plan, which may include medications, lifestyle changes, therapies, or referrals to specialists, depending on your condition.

Are there any additional benefits or services offered by the clinic?

In addition to our core medical services, we may offer additional benefits such as extended hours, online appointment scheduling, electronic medical records, and patient education resources.