Weight Loss And Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors are experts who are well-trained to diagnose & treat various conditions that arise from issues with the spine & spinal alignment. In addition, chiropractors have specialized training in general health and wellness, including diet and weight loss. Chiropractors actually treat people with spine issues like chronic back pain which is often made worse because of obesity. The excess weight on the body of a patient stresses and strains the spine. This makes it hard to realize a long-term pain relief.

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At Georgia Spine & Disc, our extensively skilled and experienced chiropractors are ready to assist patients to reach their healthiest version, including their real and healthy weight. We make this possible through the use of holistic and non-invasive care, all-natural weight loss, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle changes which can lead to the achievement of long-term results. We advise all people who are trying to lose their weight on their own and want to make long-term changes in their health & lifestyle to consider using our services.

Weight Loss And Chiropractic Care

There are various ways in which chiropractic care can assist one with weight loss issue. Some ways include:

Chiropractic Adjustment

One might think that chiropractic adjustment & weight loss are not related. However, spine subluxations directly lead to weight gain. Spinal column nerves are information highways—they connect the brain to the entire body. And when these pathways are misaligned, the signals meant for the brain will be hindered. Therefore, it will affect our control hunger & eating cues. In addition, spine subluxations can lead to chronic pain or even decreased the range of motion making physical activities difficult. So, chiropractic adjustment can relieve subluxations effectively and provide a clear path for particularly weight loss & healthy life.

• Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling

Proper nutrition is important in case one is aiming for a successful & long-term weight loss, and general health and wellness. Smart food choices and health eating habits will provide nutrition to an individual`s body. At Georgia Spine and Disc, our chiropractors actually impart healthier nutrition & lifestyle advice—a service which should be seen as important just like chiropractic adjustments. We are real chiropractic professionals. We make expert recommendations for exercise, physical activities, and diet that is suitable to the unique needs of an individual.

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Weight Loss

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