Types of Headaches Chiropractors Treat

Headaches are certainly no fun. They can ruin your mood and affect the quality of your day.  The pain can vary from dull and throbbing to severe and sharp. Some people take medication, others may simply lie down and rest when a headache occurs. Even with these methods, headaches are difficult to treat. People have been turning more and more to chiropractic treatment for treating their headaches, because there are fewer side effects and the benefits are longer-lasting. Research done within the last 20 years has shown that spinal manipulation is beneficial for many different types of headaches.

A headache is the body’s way of signaling that something is wrong. You can have a headache for many reasons: stress, environment, certain foods, eye strain or infection. When the body is under severe emotional and physical stress, the cervical spine can misalign, causing some pretty terrible headaches.

Headaches can be primary or secondary. A primary headache has an independent cause, such as tension. A secondary headache is something that is a side effect of another condition, such as infection. Chiropractors are very skilled in treating primary headaches.

Here’s the type of headaches that chiropractors most often treat:

Tension Headaches – Tension headaches are a result of muscle tightness and spasms in the shoulder and neck area. We tense our muscles more when we experience a negative emotion such as anger. This can become a chronic condition if the emotional distress persists. The musculoskeletal system becomes misaligned because the muscles aren’t functioning as they should.

Chiropractors will often combine spinal manipulation with trigger point therapy and massage in order to treat the headache. Some will find relief in just a few visits, and others might find it takes a cycle of repeat visits to find relief.

Migraine Headaches – Migraine headaches are vascular in nature, resulting from a rapid and sudden dilation of blood vessels in the head. Triggers for migraine headaches include hormonal changes, foods, smells, weather changes and stress. In addition to pain, migraine sufferers can experience visual auras and sensitivity to light and sound. Many have found medication is not helpful, leaving them to lock themselves into a dark room and wait the headache out. This is certainly no way to live when chiropractic treatment can help. Chiropractic treatment reduces the strain on the nervous system and improves vascular flow, which help reduce the symptoms of and prevent the recurrence of severe headaches.

Do you have a problem with chronic headaches and think a chiropractor might help? Contact Georgia Spine and Disc for your initial assessment and see how we can help!


Types of Headaches Chiropractors Treat


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