Tension Headaches And Chiropractic Care

While tension headaches are well known as the common kind of a headache, their causes are not known. According to study, it is approximated that ninety percent (90%) of all adults experience tension headaches which are typically described as some dull band of pain surrounding the head, and above an individual`s eyes.

Tension headaches are also called to as stress headaches. They always start gradually, and then they increase in intensity. These headaches can be mild or severe. Besides, they can last for some hours or some days. They are categorized as either episodic occurring not more than fifteen days per month, or as chronic headaches occurring not less than fifteen (15) days per month.

Symptoms Of Tension Headaches

Indeed, the symptoms of tension headaches differ from one individual to another. However, some common symptoms include:

Muscles aches


Scalp tenderness

Feeling of tightness and pressure across forehead or even on the back and sides of an individual`s head

Dull pain which is moderate to mild in many cases

Loss of appetite

Rarely, increase of sensitivity to sound or light

Disturbed concentration or inability to concentrate

Causes Of Tension Headaches

Indeed, the exact causes of tension headaches are not known. However, it is believed that tension headaches have something that is related to muscle tension which is caused by heightened emotions or stress. Also, other researchers believe that tension headaches are caused by fluctuations in the level of some brain chemicals, like endorphins and serotonin. Such changes will interfere with the ability of a person`s brain to prevent pain.

Furthermore, some triggers can cause tension headache pain. Such triggers include:


Poor posture

Physical exertion


Stress that result from situations that relate to family life, work, finances, social interactions, and also health issues

Lack of enough sleep –  fatigue

Chronic tension headache might result from circumstances that cause daily stress, for instance caring for aging parents, bad home situations, and financial problems among many others.

Tension Headaches And Chiropractic Care

A professional chiropractor might do one or even more of the things below in case one is suffering from a primary headache.

Perform some chiropractic adjustments, or spinal manipulation to enhance spinal function & alleviate the stresses on a persons system

Offer nutrition advice. They can recommend a change in a person`s diet and maybe the addition of B complex vitamins

Provide advice on posture, work postures (ergonomics), relaxation, and exercises techniques.

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Tension Headaches