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SUPARTZ Joint Fluid Therapy: Joint Pain pain can rob you of life’s simple pleasures. It can make you stop taking part in activities like your favorite sport and leisure routines and can make the simplest of tasks difficult.  We utilize a proven method for knee injuries, SUPARTZ JOINT FLUID injection. It has helped change the lives of hundreds of individuals who were able to go back to their active lifestyles after treatment.

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Regular supplements and medication that are normally used to treat knee injuries can help in reducing some pain and inflammation. In some cases, they may even delay or avoid knee surgery. But even then, there are risks to consider when deciding to go on these medications such as the side effects from these drug therapies. Another is the limit in pain reduction that you can incur.

The Joint Fluid Therapy consists of a number of injections that are applied directly to your knee joints. By improving the lubrication in your knees, the pain is reduced through this therapy that replaces the lost synovial liquid that normally keeps the knees lubricated. For patients who are not able to get adequate relief from pain relievers or physical therapy, Hyaluronate (also known as SUPARTZ in trade) is usually employed.


, SUPARTZ Joint Fluid Therapy, Advanced Health Solutions Woodstock

SUPARTZ is a solution that is composed of purified sodium hyaluronate and is utilized in this joint fluid procedure. It is made with a natural chemical present in the body of which high amounts are found particularly in joint tissues as well as in the synovial fluid that occupy the joints. When it is injected directly to your joints, you will feel a relief from pain and other bad knee symptoms and can even bring your active lifestyle back.

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