Sports Injury Massage

Sports Injury Massage

Sports Injury Massage Woodstock GA

Even though massage treatments have been around for several decades, most people still consider them as a luxury. However, they aren’t only meant for relaxation and unwinding. Massages provide lots of benefits, and different types of massage such as sports injury massage are designed for specific health issues.

Individuals especially athletes who have suffered from sports injuries can benefit a lot from a sports injury massage. Athletes need to incorporate massage into their routines to boost their conditioning and prevent future injuries.

Sports injury massage targets the injured parts of the body while manipulating specific ligaments, tendons, and muscles to promote healing and boost mobility.

Sports massage therapists at Advanced Health Solutions Georgia Spine & Disc are highly trained and have vast experience to tackle various injuries including tennis elbow, hamstring tears, ankle sprains, neck and back pain, strained muscles, and many more.

Contrary to what many people think, sports message isn’t only meant for competitive sports persons. Any person can benefit from it. You can go for this type of massage to alleviate postural tension, sprains, fatigue, day-to-day stresses, etc.

Athletes in Woodstock, Georgia stand to benefit a lot since sports massage can provide crucial information regarding the condition of the athlete as well as the effects of his or her training program. Sports injury massage can act as a preventive measure to avoid future injuries.

Types of Sports Injuries

We all know that sports injuries can occur anytime when exercising or playing sports. But continuous movements at work or in other environments can cause these injuries.

Injuries can happen as a result of poor training practices or accidents. You may suffer from sports injuries if you fail to stretch or warm up enough before and after your exercise.

The following are types of sports injuries:

· Acute injuries –they occur suddenly, when exercising or playing like fractures or sprained ankles.

· Chronic injuries –a long period of exercise or playing of a sport cause these injuries. First, the injury hasn’t healed well and therefore, the area is painful when we engage in any physical activity, and it feels an extreme soreness and/or swelling when relaxing.

How Can You Benefit From A Sports Injury Massage

Sports massage therapies provide several benefits. Some of the benefits include faster recovery times, pain reduction, and enhanced joint flexibility and range of motion.

You are likely to face the effects of overtraining if you are participating in sports activities. Your muscles may become rigid and thus, affect your ability to move efficiently.

At Advanced Health Solutions Georgia Spine & Disc in Woodstock, Georgia, sports massage therapists will treat your tense muscles to make them more relaxed and boost their elasticity that promotes joint flexibility.

A regular visit to a sports injury clinic can assist you with pain management. Studies that have been carried reveals that massage increase blood and lymph flow in the body. That is why the proper application of massage therapies can reduce the level of pain a patient is experiencing.

With the increased flow of blood, the patient will achieve other benefits such as quicker recovery period. As a result, the blood carrying oxygen and other nutrients will reach the injury site very fast and accelerates the healing process.

The increased flow of lymph triggered by sports massage also offers extra support to the athletes. Lymph is a colorless fluid which facilitates detoxification in the body.

When you get a massage, your body responds by increasing the flow of lymph that helps to eliminate by-products, such as uric and lactic acids, from your body.

These are only a few of the numerous benefits which you can gain when you work with a professional sports massage therapist. With the right treatment plan, you can recover quickly from the injury and avoid them in future.

That will boost your performances on the playing field or in different competitions while keeping you on track to pursue your favorite sports activities.

Regular sports massage sessions can assist to develop a better awareness of your body posture and symmetry. At Advanced Health Solutions Georgia Spine & Disc, you will get supportive advice on training and exercise from Dr. Kal and his great team of sports massage therapists.

Sports Injury Massage


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