Spinal Manipulation Woodstock

Spinal Manipulation, also called spinal manipulative therapy, combines moving and jolting of joints with exercise, physical therapy, and massage. The primary goal of the therapy is to relieve pressure on your muscles and joints to reduce pain and inflammation and improve nerve function. Spinal manipulation Woodstock is usually conducted in a licensed chiropractor’s or physician’s clinic and is used to treat neck, shoulder, back, and even headache pain. Some chiropractors also believe it can help other disorders such as sinus problems and menstrual pain.

Does It Work?

Two camps of people exist when you discuss the success of spinal manipulation. Some swear by it and believe it works effectively and safely, while others believe it provides few benefits. Very few studies have been conducted on spinal manipulation Woodstock.

In 2007, one study found that spinal manipulation was moderately effective in easing chronic pain in the lower back, lasting four or more weeks. Other studies have also revealed that it is effective in treating neck pain as well.

Furthermore, other studies have shown that spinal manipulation may provide mild to moderate adverse effects, though there are no known incidences of these due to poor reporting. In the end, your experience will dictate what you think about the treatment if you decide to try to help relieve pain.

Benefits of Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation offers many benefits that make it worthwhile to visit your Woodstock chiropractor.

  1. Pain Relief

The most obvious benefit of spinal manipulation is pain relief. Spinal manipulation Woodstock can almost instantly relieve some or all of the pain you’re experiencing in your head, shoulders, neck, back, and lower back.

Some patients have reported being pain-free in only one visit to our Woodstock chiropractor.

  1. Improves Flexibility

Spinal manipulation can also improve your flexibility. If performed along with exercises, it will strengthen your core muscles and improve movement in neck, shoulders, and back. This will give you better flexibility, and overall, your well-being will improve dramatically.

  1. Prevent Surgery

If you’ve explored all options to stop your pain and you are only left with surgery as an alternative, then you may want to consider spinal manipulation Woodstock before you set foot in an operating room.

In some cases, the therapy can eliminate or reduce your symptoms, preventing you from having to undergo surgery.

  1. Reduce Dependence on Drugs

Finally, using spinal manipulation can help reduce your dependence on prescription and over-the-counter pain medication. These medications often harm your organs, dull your mind, and can even leave you addicted to them in the process. All because you were in pain. Spinal manipulation Woodstock can help reduce your pain symptoms, thereby reducing the need for those prescription pain-relieving pills in the first place. Once you stop taking those pain pills, you’ll start to feel better since you will not be in pain or fog due to medication.

Spinal Manipulation Woodstock

Spinal manipulation is still new treatment, but for those of you who are in chronic pain and do not want to undergo surgery that may or may not work, it can address your pain problem. However, before you go for the therapy, consult your doctor and chiropractor first to find out if you’re the right candidate for the treatment.

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Spinal Manipulation Woodstock

Spinal Manipulation Woodstock