Sciatica Pain Woodstock GA

Sciatica is a common problem for most people. It’s identified by pain which starts in the buttocks or lower back and then travels down to one or both legs. It’ll vary in terms of severity, frequency, or it may be constant. The sciatica pain can be severe, and it can be extremely sharp as well. It may be associated with tingling sensations, burning, or numbness. What you may not realize is that it’s a symptom – an indication that something is wrong. A misaligned vertebra in your spine is usually the problem, which causes sciatica pain. The sciatica nerve starts in your lower back and then extends into the lower leg. That is why you can often feel the pain anywhere along the nerve. A chiropractor treats individuals with sciatica. Their adjustments aim to realign the spine, removing the pressure from of the nerve and usually bringing quick relief. Once the pressure is removed, the body can start to heal itself.

Sciatica Pain Treatment

Although chiropractors most often use adjustments, they also offer other treatments, especially if an adjustment may not be recommended. Treatments may include the use of a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) device, ice therapy, or ultrasound. Ultrasound increases circulation and warms the area, which can reduce muscle tension and swelling. A TENS device brings great relief by using a slight electric current to increase endorphins and relax the muscle spasms. Massage therapy may assist also.

Chiropractors use several different forms of treatment to help with improvements in Sciatica pain. Here are some of the commonly used techniques:

• Improving alignment and posture

• Manual Chiropractic adjustments

• Increased Joint Motion

• Reduced muscle tension

• Exercise & Rehabilitation

• Pain relief • Ergonomic advice

• Spinal decompression therapy/Traction

• Nutritional supplementation

For some individuals, sciatica can correct itself, possibly occurring a couple of times or only once. A chiropractor can assist to bring relief, but many adjustments, or treatments, will likely be necessary, especially if it has been happening for some time. Letting a qualified chiropractor treat sciatic pain offers you a no drugs and no surgery option. They will most likely recommend exercises to strengthen the muscles in your back; thus, preventing sciatica pain from recurring. Your chiropractor can assist to determine the cause of your sciatic pain through comprehensive neurological and physical examinations and a review of your medical history. What the chiropractor finds during the diagnostic process will determine the type of treatment he or she will choose to relieve your sciatica. If you’re suffering from sciatica , chiropractic therapy for sciatica pain could relieve the symptoms and lower the recurrence risk. You can find the best chiropractors at our clinic.

Sciatica Pain

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