Rotator Cuff Tear

Diagnosis & Treatment

If you are suffering from rotator cuff tear, then you need to see a chiropractor in Woodstock, GA. Your chiropractor might refer you to an orthopedic surgeon if your injury is severe.

Have you ever undergone treatment for a similar problem in the past? We would advise that you bring with you past imaging studies and records with you to your appointment.

So, here is what you can do:

First of all, write a list of answers to the following questions before the appointment:

  • When did you first experienced shoulder pain?
  • Are there any activities or movements that aggravate your shoulder pain?
  • Have you ever injured your shoulder playing sport or in a severe accident?
  • Do you experience any symptoms in addition to shoulder pain?
  • Does the pain in the shoulder area radiate down your arm just below your elbow?
  • Does the shoulder pain accompany any neck pain?
  • Also, what worsens your shoulder pain? Job or hobby?

What To Expect From Your Chiropractor

Dr. Kal, is our experienced Woodstock chiropractor. He will ask you some questions relating to your rotator cuff tear. Get ready to answer them. This will save time to go over specific issues.

A Woodstock chiropractor at Advanced Health Solutions may ask:

  • Where is the exact location of the pain?
  • Is the pain severe, moderate or mild?
  • What activities and movements relieve or aggravate your shoulder pain?
  • Do you have any numbness or weakness in your arm?

Rotator Cuff Tear

Here is what happens during the physical examination. Your Woodstock chiropractor will move your arm into different positions. He will press on different parts of your shoulder. Also, the strength of the muscles in your arms and around your shoulder is very crucial, and therefore, the chiropractor will test it.

In addition, the diagnosis of rotator cuff tear may require imaging tests. That is why, in some cases, the chiropractor at Advanced Health Solutions, Woodstock, Georgia may recommend the following:

X-rays – Although an X-ray won’t show a rotator cuff tear, this test helps to visualize bone spurs or potential causes for your shoulder pain-such as arthritis.

Ultrasound – This test produces images of structures within the body, such as tendons and muscles, using sound waves. It allows dynamic testing that guarantees access to structures of the shoulder as they move. In addition, it allows a quick comparison between a healthy shoulder and the affected shoulder.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) – The MRI technology uses a strong magnet and radio waves. It produces images that display every structure of the shoulder in detail. The quality of the equipment used determines the quality of the images.


Consequently, conservative treatments, such as physical therapy, ice and rest, are all that is required to recover from a rotator cuff tear, Woodstock, GA. You might need surgery if your injury involves a complete tear of tendon or muscle (severe).


Certainly, physical therapy is often one of the first, reliable treatments your chiropractor may suggest. Exercises tailored to a specific location of your rotator cuff tear can help restore strength and flexibility to your shoulder. Furthermore, physical therapy is an essential part of the recovery process after a rotator cuff surgery.

Are you suffering from rotator cuff tear? Then , call Advanced Health Solutions, Woodstock, Georgia today at (770) 212-3991 to book an appointment with Dr. Kal.

rotator cuff tear

Rotator Cuff Tear