Why Go For Progressive Rehab – Woodstock, GA

Have you been living with pain and missing out on your favorite activities? Dragging yourself out with friends, or playing with your kids, or just getting through the workday has been quite difficult for you. Perhaps, you feel that surgery is your only course of treatment. Fortunately, you can find a non-invasive treatment option such as Progressive Rehab at Georgia Spine & Disc.

Our exclusive Progressive Rehab program not only eliminates your pain, but it also addresses the underlying problems to ensure you don’t feel discomfort in the future. Developed through years of research and experience, Progressive Rehab, Woodstock, combines the most modern and painless chiropractic techniques and care with state-of-the-art progressive rehabilitation.

We tailor our Progressive Rehab approach to meet your unique health needs. After a thorough examination, we begin with the muscle release to restore power, unwind knots, and free trapped nerves and stiff joints.

Dr. Kal and other Woodstock chiropractors will perform some chiropractic adjustments to unlock your neck, shoulders, and back. We will try our best to ensure that you heal faster. That is why we use advanced stretching techniques to get you more limber and loose. The addition of soothing therapies will calm your aching tissues and reduce swelling rapidly. Finally, we re-balance, re-tool, and rehab your body’s weak areas, to help you avoid re-injury.

To provide the right solution for pain relief, Progressive Rehab takes the standard chiropractic spinal manipulation and adds soft tissue therapy and cutting-edge technologies. The needs of each patient usually determine the procedures and methodologies used in progressive rehabilitation and might include chiropractic, electric stimulators, exercise, massage, and iontophoresis.

We include Progressive Reha in our approach because it will make you feel better again and maintain the health you achieve. Perhaps, you have a choice when choosing your Woodstock chiropractor. However, why gamble with your health and well-being?

Georgia Spine & Disc continues to push the envelope to find new and fast-acting chiropractic techniques. We pioneered the development and use of Progressive Rehab. We believe it is the best thing to ever happen in chiropractic.

A typical chiropractic clinic uses techniques that incorporate massaging roller tables, muscle stimulations, and you might get a heat pack or ice pack before leaving at the end of the day. These are just chiropractic techniques that have been around for over 50 years.

At Georgia Spine & Disc, our approach is much more advanced than the standard chiropractic techniques, and it will help you to get well and stay well. Progressive Rehab, Woodstock is a major contributor to the success rate of our patients.

We believe in new high tech care that’s setting a gold standard -Progressive Rehab because it targets your painful area, makes an accurate diagnosis of your pain, eliminates the pain, then stabilizes or fixes the injured area to keep you pain-free and functioning at your absolute best. You make a choice!

Make an appointment with Dr. Kal and explore non-invasive pain relief through Progressive Rehab. CALL US TODAY AT (770) 212-3991.

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