Pinched Nerve And Chiropractic

An individual’s nervous system is indeed interconnected throughout the body. Therefore, it allows the body organs to work properly. It also allows an individual to respond to stimuli. Nervous systems run from the heads all the way to the toes. And in case there is something that is out of whack, particularly in the neck, it can be felt in the thigh. Indeed, an individual can suffer from a pinched nerve. This means that there is a nerve which has been compressed in a position which is abnormal. Admittedly, pinched nerves are common. They can be caused by lifting of heavy objects, reaching for an item in some awkward way, or improper posture.

Pinched Nerve And Chiropractic Care

Briefly, a pinched nerve refers to a kind of injury that happen when a set of nerves or a nerve in the body of an individual are constricted, compressed, or stretched. This condition can result in various symptoms including a burning feeling that occurs around the affected areas, `pins & needles` feeling, or numbing sensation. Mostly, symptoms from pinched nerves can reduce with rest. However, in case the symptoms fail to reduce, then a chiropractor is the best option.

Symptoms Of A Pinched Nerve

Frankly, pinched nerves can result in an extensive range of problems which may affect a person’s daily life. There are some symptoms that one might not know and can be caused by underlying pinched nerves. Some pinched nerve symptoms include:

• Spinal pain

• Shoulder pain

• Back pain

• Neck pain

• Headaches

• Difficulty for one to find a comfortable sleeping position

• Trouble when sitting for a longer duration

• Radiating leg or arm pain

Treating A Pinched Nerve

When rest doesn’t lessen a pinched nerve, then visiting an expert chiropractor is the next appropriate option. An experienced chiropractor will carry out a complete consultation which includes the health history of an individual, and also a complete physical examination to determine if there is any nerve interference. The examination will enable a chiropractor to understand better the underlying causes of the pain & discomfort.

After discovering the causes, the chiropractor will be able to decide a way forward regarding the treatment. The treatment provided by the chiropractor will relieve one from his or her pain. In addition, the chiropractor will recommend some exercises and practices that an individual can employ in order to strengthen the affected area. Besides, the exercises and practices recommend will be helpful in reducing the chances of the same issue recurring.

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