Physical Therapy Woodstock GA

Physical therapy is imperative for people who’ve injuries, illnesses or medical conditions which limit their regular ability to function and move.

A tailored physical therapy program can assist people to return to their previous functioning level, and increase lifestyle changes and activities which can assist prevent any further injury and boost overall well-being and health.

At Georgia Spine & Disc Woodstock, Georgia, our primary care doctors usually recommend patients to physical therapy at first sign of a serious problem, since it’s regarded a conservative technique to managing issues.

Wondering what makes physical therapy very beneficial? To help you understand the importance of this therapy, here are five ways it may benefit you:

1. Avoid surgery -If physical therapy assists you heal from an injury or eliminate pain, surgery may not be necessary. Even if surgery is necessary, you may benefit from the pre-surgery physical therapy. If you’re going into the surgery stronger and in a better shape, you’ll recover quickly afterward in several cases. Also, by avoiding surgery, health care expenses are lowered.

2. Eliminate or reduce pain -Therapeutic exercises and the manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue and joint mobilization or treatments like electrical, taping or ultrasound stimulation can assist alleviate pain and restore joint and muscle function to lower pain. Also, such therapies can avoid pain in future.

3. Recover from a stroke –It is common to lose some level of movement and function after stroke. Physical therapy assists enhanced weakened body parts and boost balance and gait. Physical therapists can also boost the ability stroke of the patients to transfer and even move around in bed so that they can be more independent around their home, and lower their burden of care for dressing, toileting, bathing and other activities of everyday living.

4. Enhance mobility -If you are having trouble moving, walking or standing -no matter your age—physical therapy can assist. Strengthening and stretching exercises can assist to restore your ability to move. Physical therapists at Advanced Health Solutions Georgia Spine & Disc can properly fit people with crutches, a cane, or assess for orthotic prescription or any other assistive device. By tailoring a patient care plan, whatever activity that’s essential to the life of an individual can be practiced and adapted to guarantee optimum safety and. performance

5. Prevent or recover from a sports injury -Physical therapists fully understand how various sports can boost your risk for particular forms of injuries (such as stress fractures for long distance runners). Dr. Kal, a top Woodstock chiropractor and his experienced team of chiropractors, can design proper prevention or recovery exercise programs for you to guarantee a safe return to your sport.

Physical Therapy


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