Pain Management

Pain Management

Pain Management for Chronic Back Pain – Woodstock, Georgia

In the recent years, researchers have learned a lot about pain and its psychological and physiological basis, leading to different pain management treatments in Advanced Health Solutions Medical Center that can offer partial or complete pain relief.

In the past, pain, especially chronic or intractable pain, used to be something most patients in Woodstock, Georgia simply had to learn to “live” with.

In cases of back pain, discomfort can interfere with exercise and increase the risk of psychological distress, and as a result, it can impede the rehabilitation process. Untreated pain can affect the immune system leading to other undesirable results and thus interfere with the healing process.

New Understanding of Chronic Pain

Even in the absence of an identifiable cause chronic pain can lead to neurological feedback processes, which only serve to worsen the pain and make it more difficult to treat.

Health professionals in Woodstock, Georgia sometimes dismiss patients who report continuing pain due to lack of a definitive pathology (an identifiable and anatomical cause of their pain).

Pain is inherently subjective. There is a growing awareness among the health community and the public at large of the need for taking pain seriously. This is particularly true for the chronic back pain sufferers.

Chronic back pain tends to be extremely difficult to treat, especially in cases involving neuropathic pain (also referred to as nerve pain) or failed back surgery. Vast majority of back pain cases are self-limiting and resolve on their own, but the risk of recurrence and development of a chronic disease is high.

The above considerations have led to a proliferation of services available in Advanced Health Solutions Medical Center, Woodstock, Georgia to patients seeking both the alternative and medical treatment for back pain.

What Is The Role Of Pain Management For Chronic Back Pain?

Pain management serves various purposes in the spine and musculoskeletal cases. It’s usually distinguished from the surgical treatment.

Dr. Kal and other chiropractors at Advanced Health Solutions Georgia Spine & Disc may employ pain management and the techniques it uses as follows:

  • To help identify the cause of a patient’s back pain
  • To help rehabilitate a patient after surgery
  • As an alternative to surgery. As part of the aggressive conservative (nonsurgical) care program
  • For patients after surgery to cope with recalcitrant or residual pain
  • To help identify areas to be addressed surgically

Pain management uses a broad variety of techniques to address pain and pain disorders. The scientific basis for these techniques ranges from those that have no experimental support to the ones which researchers have demonstrated their effectiveness in clinical trials.

It’s advisable to consult your doctor regarding any questions about a specific pain management program. Researchers are continually conducting clinical research to help determine which pain management therapies are the most effective in treating neck and back pain.

In general, these techniques can be classified based on their invasiveness.

  • Some pain management techniques are purely pharmacologic
  • Some techniques, such as physical therapy, aren’t invasive at all and don’t inherently involve the use of medications
  • Other techniques involve invasive techniques, such as injections

The most widely used techniques can be classified based on the degree of intervention they involve:

  • Invasive pain management
  • Noninvasive pharmacologic pain management
  • Noninvasive, non-drug pain management

Advanced Health Solutions Medical Center offers the best pain management in Woodstock, Georgia. If you suffer from any pain, call us today at (770) 212-3991 to book an appointment with Dr. Kal our Woodstock chiropractor.


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