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Advanced Health Solutions Georgia Spine & Disc, our regenerative medicine treatments utilize the body’s stem cells to encourage tissue healing throughout affected areas. Today the importance of regenerative medicine cannot be overemphasized. We employ regenerative medicine allografts in orthopedic conditions, such as tendinitis, joints and back pain, osteoarthritis, meniscus and cartilage tears, neuropathy, inflammation, skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing therapies. Regenerative medicine has helped thousands of people, and today many are turning to this treatment. The procedure is minimally invasive and takes a few minutes to do.

In the past, Stem cells were harvested from the patient’s body and are processed for use in treatment. Cells are taken from the body, typically from the abdomen or thigh area, through an incision.
Today, more and more people are turning to regenerative medicine allografts as the ultimate antiaging treatment, and many physicians say there’s a good reason. Stem cells rejuvenate from within and address much more than the outward effects of aging. Countless studies have shown that stem cells replace, re-grow, and repair on a cellular level that goes far beyond only “looking good.” They can also return more youthful levels of energy and resolve age-related conditions like hair loss, osteoarthritis, and more.

At Advanced Health Solutions, we can offer the best regenerative medicine allografts obtained from umbilical cord matrix (Wharton’s Jelly), ideal for therapy. No painful incisions or lengthy treatment is needed. We can treat our patients with the youngest, healthiest regenerative medicine allografts in a much larger quantity than obtained from fat or bone marrow.

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At Advanced Health Solutions Georgia Spine & Disc, we use stem cells found in each part of the body and can be harvested from the tissue of a patient, such as adipose (fat) tissue, bone marrow muscle, or skin. Fat tissue is a rich source of stem cells in the body. About 500 more stem cells can be harvested from fat than the bone marrow.

Through a safe and straightforward procedure, stem cells can be isolated from fat tissue in 30 to 90 minutes under local anesthesia using a mini-lipoaspirate technique. They can be injected or infused after the mini-liposuction. The procedure is safe, legal and ethical, and offers minimal discomfort.

A study published recently in the Journal of Clinical Medicine Research underscores the safety of stem cell therapy in many degenerative diseases and injuries.


Stem cell therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that not only researchers and scientists continue to prove it successful, but also the Woodstock chiropractors using this treatment for various conditions, including chronic pain.

It involves the use of a patient’s stem cells to repair damaged tissues and regenerate new healthy tissues, to help repair and heal damage and improve degeneration. Stem cell therapy has reduced the need for surgery and prescription medication, proving to be quite helpful in managing and eliminating chronic pain.

The body has a remarkable ability to heal itself. Stem cells multiply and turn into “specialized” cells, targeting whatever condition or injury needs healing in your body. As research continues to grow, the efficacy of stem cell therapy shows that it has become a game changer for combating chronic pain, accelerating healing, and regenerating tissue. It has helped many people overcome chronic joint pain, restoring function and mobility, and improving their quality of life.

Stem cells can remarkably help patients suffering from debilitating conditions and injuries, who are plagued by chronic pain.

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Stem Cell Repair

Stem cells can repair your nerve damage, restore function and mobility, and improve muscle control. During adulthood, stem cells are present in tissues or organs including the central nervous system.

Stem cells therapy can treat spinal cord injuries, among several painful conditions and injuries to parts that are important in protecting and giving your body the ability to function.

As a new tissue forms after your injury begins to heal itself, the formation and appearance of painful scar tissue after the surgery will be reduced.

Stem cells reduce pain and inflammation associated with degenerative conditions and injuries. In addition, they repair and regenerate the damaged area.

Stem cells can be harvested from many locations, usually the fat (adipose tissue) and bone marrow. When it comes to chronic pain management, the stem cells obtained from the bone marrow are usually the most effective to treat painful injuries and conditions.

Medications may help with pain and inflammation. However, they’re only temporary. Therefore, using stem cells instead of medication is much more effective. Using a person’s cells to stimulate tissue healing and regeneration is a much better treatment for reducing pain and inflammation, compared to endless cycles of prescription medications.

Is It Effective

Stem cell therapy has the potential to be a very effective treatment with long-lasting symptom relief. It’s essential to have an experienced chiropractor determine whether you’re a candidate and to set correct expectations.

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