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Facial Rejuvenation Without Surgery: PRX-T33 Peeling

Facial peeling refers to a medical aesthetic treatment that can improve the appearance of your skin through microinjections of amino acids that are applied to facial lines and wrinkles on the neck. PRXT facial Woodstock was developed as a new, revolutionary way of achieving bio-rejuvenation without needles.

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PRXT facial wrinkles, acne scars, skin scar, stretch marks, cellulite, collagen, induction, skin tone and hyperpigmentation, skin rejuvenation, skin pore improvement and face lifting/firmness.

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RX-T33: What Kind of Facial Peel Is It?

PRX-T33 is a cutting-edge facial peel procedure based on a well-known, safe trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peel. TCA is one of the most popular peeling treatments since it’s a non-toxic chemical that causes the top layer of cells to dry up and peel off the skin.

Unlike most chemical peels, the PRX-T33 works entirely differently, in fact, there won’t be any peeling at all. The PRX-T33 does not tamper with the epidermis completely, so the protective layer of your skin remains fully intact and ready to keep you safe.

This peel only targets the dermis (which is the powerhouse of your skin vitality), meaning that there won’t be any dryness or flakiness after the treatment.

Why Consider The PRX-T33 Peel?

1. This new needle-free technique of bio-rejuvenation has been shown to combat the flaccidity of facial tissue and act as a bio-rejuvenator of skin to improve its appearance without damaging it.

2. It can be used to remove scars caused by chickenpox, stretch marks, and acne and melasma (large blemishes which appear in women before and after weight gain, and before and after pregnancy).

3. It’s also recommended as an additional treatment to radiofrequency and laser treatments to improve results.

4. It can be an optional basic treatment for retouching of mini-facials and other cosmetic treatments such as laser treatment and dermal fillers.

Benefits of PRX-T33

At the risk of sounding cliché, PRX-T33 peel does it all. Seemingly unrelated skin care problems can be remedied with this peel while avoiding uncomfortable or serious side effects. Aside from wrinkle reduction (aforementioned), PRX-T33 can:

  • Improve skin hydration
  • Brighten dull skin
  • Minimize the appearance of pores
  • Reduce the appearance of scars (acne and others)
  • Lift sagging skin


Moreover, the results are instantaneous. Though a four-session treatment is recommended, you’ll begin to see significant results immediately after the first peel. This cannot be said for standard chemical peels, or surgeries, in which it takes weeks for the side effects to subside and to see benefits.

Advantages of the PRX-T33 Facial Peel

  • It’s a non-invasive treatment
  • It’s painless
  • Delivers immediate results
  • It isn’t photosensitizing, so it can be used in summer
  • It provides non-ablative (not harming the top layer of skin) chemical stimulation of the dermis without exfoliating the epidermis
  • It works very well both as a single treatment or a combination of treatments since the results of each are enhanced
  • There is no redness or bruising after the PRXT facial peeling treatment Woodstock, so the patient can go back to their day-to-day life with no sign of cosmetic treatment.

 Not Just for the Face

While chemical peels are commonly used on the face, PRX-T33 has been developed for use on any problematic area of the body. It works wonders on the removal of stretch marks, so a popular option is to receive a peel on the thighs or stomach.

From women who’re looking to address the effects of pregnancy on the skin to those who have been left with stretch marks after weight loss, PRXT facial Woodstock is a great solution for them.

Many use PRX-T33 to lift the skin of the neck and chest, where aging often leaves the skin sagging or bunching. There are some reports of significant improvement in the appearance of the hands, smoothing wrinkles and reducing sunspots that often make hands appear aged.

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