Medical Weight Loss

The allure to lose weight rapidly is challenging to counter. Far too many individuals blindly and excitingly break the bank just to lose 5 lbs or any for that matter. Are these ventures effective? Should a weight-watcher use over the counter weight-loss measures against those supervised by a medical doctor? Evaluating the differences between medical weight loss and over the counter measures should provide an affirmative.

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Medical Weight Loss.

How does it work?

Medical weight loss procedures are done within a clinical setting. The individual undergoing such procedure will be supervised by a doctor, nurse, physician or an assistant in a medical profession. Diametrically opposed, an over the counter procedure is supervised by the individual who’s desperate to lose weight. Acquiring weight-loss items or supplements is left to the sole discretion of the weight-watcher and occasionally a Google search.

Additionally, a medically supervised weight-loss procedure is done by experts who have vast experience in that field. Their methods are not done as trial and error or left up to chance. Rather, they implement tactics, provide thorough consultation, assessment for obesity related diseases and even a physical test to know how to proceed. Sadly, over the counter weight-loss lacks these technicalities and assessments. Friends, family and the Internet provide the information, not experts. To say the least, these aren’t always safe. A typical example is the banning of the Ephedra herbal stimulant which has terrible side effects – including heart attacks, hypertension, stroke and others. This herbal substance was used as an over the counter weight-loss product.

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Furthermore, a medically supervised weight-loss procedure is organized. Especially if you’re searching for these programs in Woodstock, GA, you’ll have to complete programs such as behavioral modification, pre-packaged meal replacements, and medical weight management. A supervised weight-loss program not only teaches the individual to lose weight but also to maintain it. In contrast, an over-the-counter procedure is unorganized. Not much thought is given to this procedure, except that the weight-watcher might schedule a particular time to take over the nonprescription pills or dietary supplements.

Medical professionals understand that there’s an emotional facet at play (which was the factor contributing to your weight gain.) With this food addiction, health professionals will provide alternatives to make the transition smooth and supplement what you’ll lose. Whereas, over-the-counter pills and stimulants present too many toxicities and are highly discouraged among the medical community.

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