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This technique is designed to address soft tissue problems within the body. Massage therapy increases circulation within the soft tissues, improving function and optimizing health.

Patients receiving this therapy are amazed at the results.  If you suffer , call us today at 770-926-9495 to see if you are a candidate for this treatment.

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This technique is designed to address soft tissue problems within the body. Massage therapy increases circulation within the soft tissues, improving function and optimizing health.


A massage therapy session begins with a thorough examination during which the massage therapist discusses the problems the patient is experiencing. The patient is then positioned comfortably on a massage table.


The massage therapist uses gentle kneading and stretching techniques that target contracted muscles and fascia (a tissue structure that covers the muscles). In addition to kneading and stretching, the therapist may also use techniques such as ice or heat therapy. These techniques are designed to stimulate injured tissues, promote relaxation, lengthen contracted muscles, reduce scar tissue, and alleviate trigger points caused by tension within the fascia.

Safe, Noninvasive Care

Massage therapy is a safe, noninvasive form of care that can be beneficial for patients who have acute or chronic conditions. A continuing care plan may be recommended to ensure long-lasting benefits.

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