Functional Medicine

For over twenty years now Functional Medicine has become a practical treatment means for physicians in the treatment of both complex or chronic illnesses.  Medical experts that practice the Functional Medicine makes use of integrative medicine principles in treating and researching the basic causes of diseases. Scientific functional medicine uses the latest laboratory testing medicine and the patient’s history report, including genetic and environmental factors which partly adds to the condition of the patient.

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Functional Medicine centers around the patient.

And is different from the acute care kind of the usual western medicine in the sense that standard procedures to every problem is not applied in Functional Medicine. Functional medicine makes available a complete plan for getting the most out of the individual’s health via the exceptional partnership between the doctor and his patient.

Apart from slowing down the development of disease or improving the symptoms of disease,  there is a change in the lifestyle and corrected imbalances as a result of the functional approach strength and wellness for the entire patient.

Advanced Health Care Solutions Woodstock Georgia Functional Medicine clinic was established to assist patients stay in total control of their health as well as empowering them to live a more healthier lifestyle. When it comes to Functional Medicine, how much the patient participates plays a vital role in the healing and recovery process.

The Family Tree of Functional Medicine

Other medicines are time proven treatments partially associated with the modern kind of medicine. Such medicines include naturopathy, holistic medicine, healing touch, energy healing, acupuncture and stress management methods like meditation and mind body medicine. In the past patients had to choose from either western kind of medicine or other therapies. When it comes to joining the advantages of science based medicine with corresponding alternate treatments.

A precise and targeted type of integrative medicine like Functional Medicine deeply examines a patient’s background, spirit, body and mind compared to other methods. Instead of treating some symptoms Functional Medicine doctors take out time to find out the source of imbalance which causes sicknesses and treats them. The doctor is aware that a patient’s mind and body can be affected by imbalance, which is why he treats the sick patient from a holistic point of view. Functional medicine combines the finest traditional medicine with other science based medicines that are relevant.

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