K-Laser Therapy Woodstock

K Laser Therapy Woodstock: What is K-Laser Therapy?

K-Laser Therapy, also known as High Power Laser Therapy, targets damaged tissues with specific wavelengths of light. It has been found to interact with tissues and accelerate the natural healing process. The light energy passes through the skin at the cellular level, and initiate the body’s natural regenerative process. K-Laser Therapy is a Class IV (4) FDA approved laser that helps quicken the healing process of the damaged tissue, as well as help reduce pain and inflammation. We offer K-Laser Therapy Woodstock at K-Laser Therapy, and it is a drug-free, surgery-free, and pain-free.

This laser therapy can stimulate all cell types, including nerves, soft tissues, ligaments, and cartilage. It reduces pain, swelling, spasms, and stiffness, and accelerates wound healing.

How is K-Laser Therapy different?

Early laser therapy K-Lasers couldn’t treat deep conditions in large joints effectively because they were too weak. K-Laser treatment achieves faster and more effective treatments than other modalities. K-Laser is an FDA approved advanced technology of laser therapy that helps relieve your pain without the use of drugs or surgery and recovery period or harmful side effects. Unlike other treatments, K-Laser doesn’t merely relieve symptoms. The goal is to complete natural healing.

Is K-Laser Treatment Painful?

K-Laser therapy Woodstock is absolutely painless, and there are no known side effects. K-Laser treatment sessions are very fast, and patients describe a warming sensation to the treated area. Before pain reduction, areas of inflammation or pain may be briefly sensitive.

What Results Can I Expect From K-Laser Therapy?

Many patients can resume normal daily activities with no pain and limited movement after completing their therapy. Most report pain relief in as little as one treatment. After K-Laser therapy Woodstock, most patients experience accelerated healing, improved function, improved range of motion, and reduced pain, swelling, inflammation, muscle spasms.

What Can I Expect From My K-Laser Session?

At Advanced Health Solutions – GA Spine & Disc, Dr. Kal, a certified, trained top Woodstock chiropractor, administers K-Laser therapy using a hand-held device the size of a flashlight. The chiropractor players the laser directly over the injured area for about 30 seconds to 9 minutes, depending on the treatment plan and the size of the area being treated.

How Many K-Laser Sessions Do I Need?

The exact diagnosis, age, and overall health status of the patient, and other factors determine the number of sessions needed. In general, acute conditions require fewer visits, typically 4-6, since they can be treated more frequently. Chronic conditions don’t need K-Laser treatment as frequently and may require more visits. K-Laser treatments have cumulative effects. Patients may experience significant pain relief very fast.

Is K-Laser Therapy Safe?

Yes. Laser therapy is recognized as a safe, effective treatment modality built upon a solid foundation of more than 30 years of research and development. It has a proven track record for a wide range of both acute and chronic conditions.

The beneficial effects of laser therapy accelerated pain relief, and injury healing have been published in over 2,000 scientific and medical research papers.

The FDA approved K-Laser therapy Woodstock is safe to deliver directly on acute injuries, over metal implants, and broken skin. A K-Laser certified, properly trained chiropractor can administer extremely safe K-Laser treatments. K-Laser therapy should NEVER be administered directly over the thyroid gland or the eye. Patients who receive cortisone injections can only receive K-Laser treatment after waiting for at least 7 days.

K Laser Therapy Woodstock

At Advanced Health Solutions – GA Spine & Disc, we administer safe and effective K-Laser therapy Woodstock. Call us today at (770) 212-3991 or contact us online to book an appointment.

K Laser Therapy Woodstock

K Laser Therapy Woodstock


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