IDD Therapy Disc Treatment

IDD Therapy Disc Treatment

IDD Therapy Disc Treatment

IDD Therapy Disc Treatment: The Non-Surgical Back Pain Solution: Reduces Pain & Improves Mobility.

If you have persistent back pain, neck pain, or leg pain (sciatica) that is negatively impacting your life, then IDD Therapy Disc Treatment Woodstock GA may be the treatment for you. It’s a targeted treatment that relieves pressure on specific spinal discs and gently restores mobility.

IDD Therapy is used to treat low back pain, neck pain, nerve pain, and sciatica where there is an underlying disc problem such as a bulging disc, disc degeneration, or inflammation of the facet joints.

IDD Therapy treatment can be highly effective in reducing pain in patients with damaged spinal discs who have failed to respond to manual therapy and whose only other option had previously been spinal injection or even surgery.

IDD Therapy is a clinically proven, non-surgical approach to treat pain by encouraging spinal regeneration to correct the underlying cause of pain for issues such as degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, and sciatica.

IDD Therapy has been specifically developed to treat a broad range of debilitating conditions:

  • Sciatica
  • Chronic Back and Neck Pain
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Trapped Nerves in the Back or Neck
  • Slipped, Prolapsed, Herniated, and Bulging Disc
  • Facet Syndrome

What is IDD Therapy?

Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy is precise, computer-controlled spinal treatment used to “stretch” the disc space between specific vertebrae to alleviate the pain caused by disc compression and degeneration.

Compressed discs (also known as bulging, slipped, ruptured, prolapsed, or herniated discs) are the root cause of many issues that affect our bodies – not just the back and neck, but also arms, legs, and extremities.

IDD Therapy goes beyond other decompression options by utilizing dynamic energy, applied at differentiating levels of the spine, to administer gentle motion, or mobilization, during treatment to relieve pressure.

IDD Therapy treatment is ONLY administered using the Accu-SPINA system. Both IDD Therapy and the Accu-SPINA were developed and advanced by neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, PTs, and other healthcare professionals, for the non-surgical treatment of back and neck pain.

After decades of use, and millions of treatments, IDD Therapy has maintained an exemplary safety record and outstanding success rates.

How Does IDD Therapy Works

Safe, gentle, and effective, Idd Therapy Disc Treatment Woodstock GA uses computer-controlled technology to distract (draw apart) and reduce the strain on specific spinal segments in either the lower back or neck where discs are worn, damaged, or bulging.

This progressive and comprehensive treatment relieves pain and provides long-term healing by:

  • Taking the strain off spinal structures
  • Releasing pressure on discs and trapped nerves
  • Rehydrating and improving the healing of your discs
  • Relaxing muscle spasm – the cause of most low back pain
  • Improving spinal mobility

By decompressing (taking pressure off) a prolapsed or slipped disc and stretching the soft tissues, IDD Therapy improves the mobility in the spine, allowing the body’s natural healing mechanisms to operate more efficiently. During this process, your body retracts a bulging disc thereby relieving pain caused by muscle spasms and alleviating trapped nerves and irritation caused by bulging discs.

What Does IDD Therapy Feel Like?

During treatment, you may feel a slight stretch-like motion or movement of the bed under you, which is often accompanied by a sensation of relief in the region of your pain.

While some patients experience immediate improvement after the first session, some may begin to feel their pre-treatment discomfort return or even increase slightly. This can occur because your spinal structures are unaccustomed to a full range of movements.

As with a new exercise regimen, the soreness will subside after subsequent treatments and the duration of relief between treatments will last longer and longer- even as you increase physical activity at home.

There is NO recovery time. IDD Therapy involves 45 minutes per session over a 4-6-week period, and so, it does not disrupt your life or job.

How Many Treatments Will IDD Therapy Take? 

Your doctor will determine the number of treatments needed. The Accu-SPINA may be used to provide short courses of treatment, though many patients require a series of 20 treatments to achieve the best result. A typical treatment session averages 45 minutes to 1 hour with up to 25 minutes of treatment time on the Accu-SPINA.

How Does IDD Therapy Heals Spinal Structures

Using IDD Therapy, your doctor can isolate the affected spinal segment. Gentle, dynamic movements (oscillation) are applied to the targeted area, first mobilizing the joint and reducing muscle spasm.

A herniated disc is when disc material protrudes outside the disc wall pinching a nerve or causing pain. During each Idd Therapy Disc Treatment Woodstock GA, the space between the vertebra and disc is being increased, relieving disc compression.

Essential disc fluid, blood, and nutrients are drawn in supporting cell regeneration and disc health. Gradually the protrusion can shrink, even disappear.

With each subsequent session, tissues heal, disc height increases and spinal mobility returns. As structures improve, a good spinal function is restored and you experience dramatic pain relief.

What Happens During a Typical IDD Therapy Disc Treatment?

During an IDD Therapy treatment session, your doctor will assist you with putting on two stabilization harnesses, one pelvic and one upper body.

The treatment table will be moved to a vertical position for you to get onto it easily. The bed will then be gently lowered into the treatment position. Pillow bolsters and supports will be placed under your arms and knees to ensure proper treatment position and increase safety and comfort. The doctor will input treatment information into the computer and the treatment will begin. Make sure you go to the restroom before the harnesses are applied.

After the treatment starts, you may hear the bolsters or cushions moving and settling on the table. This is a normal occurrence. The sounds should disappear within a minute or two. The doctor will monitor the treatment and ensure it is progressing well.

If you feel the urge to sneeze or cough or if the treatment becomes too uncomfortable to bear, press the “Stop Session” switch immediately.

Once the IDD Therapy treatment ends, the table will slowly be brought back to the vertical position again so that you can get off easily. Cold therapy may be applied at this point.

What Should I Expect After an IDD Therapy Treatment Session?

The next day after an IDD Therapy treatment session, it’s normal to feel a little sore and/or stiff. The soreness occurs because the muscles and ligaments are changing shape. This is very similar to a person who works out for the first time.

The muscles are not used to the new forces, and therefore react by producing lactate, and the ligamental tissues may respond as they’re being re-educated.

Your doctor may prescribe pain medication or at-home exercises that will help ease the discomfort. If you notice any symptoms or feel your discomfort is severe, tell your doctor immediately.

Great Success Rates

IDD Therapy Treatment clinical studies demonstrated a success rate of over 91% with patients who had previously been referred for surgery. This means that many people get significant, long-term relief from their neck, back, and spine pain, enabling them to avoid surgery.

How Quickly Do Patients Notice A Reduction in Pain?

Some patients report improvement after the first session, but more often, patients will feel some relief and/or notice changes occurring within an average of 4 to 6 visits.

Everyone’s body and treated condition are unique; therefore, your body may react quicker or slower to this treatment. Be patient and don’t give up. Your doctor will do periodic re-evaluations to monitor your progress throughout your Idd Therapy Disc Treatment Woodstock GA.

What Makes IDD Therapy So Effective?

Thanks to the application of the latest computer technology to the science of biomechanics to create a treatment that allows doctors to target individual spinal segments, both lumbar and cervical, to gently create space in the vertebrae surrounding an injured disc.

In technical terms, during the treatment, the intradiscal pressure is reduced from positive to negative pressure. This negative pressure may induce a flow of water, oxygen, and nutrients into the vertebral disc area to promote improvement in disc health.

Using the Accu-SPINA, IDD Therapy treatment delivers a highly effective and effortless physical therapy session. Precise cycling from active to passive tensions enables the Accu-SPINA to deliver progressive neuromuscular re-education to spinal structures and surrounding tissues while decompressing and rehydrating the disc.

Based on independent clinical studies, the Accu-SPINA system has been proven to deliver a result that is not possible using an ordinary decompression device, traction table, or manual therapy.

What Are the Goals of Treatment?

IDD Therapy is delivered by the Accu-SPINA, an FDA-approved class II medical device that has three key goals:

  • Realign spinal structures
  • Rehabilitate and re-educate supporting soft tissues
  • Improve the health of the intervertebral disc

Why Choose IDD Therapy Treatment?

Doctors often can treat most back and neck pain with manual therapies, but for some conditions – particularly those which are disc-related – patients need something more to help improve their condition.

IDD Therapy addresses the shortcomings of traditional traction to treat targeted spinal segments in a precise, safe, and comfortable manner. Therefore, this treatment can help you if:

  • Your current treatment isn’t working
  • You are seeking long-term pain relief
  • You want to stop taking painkillers
  • You want to avoid surgery or invasive treatment
  • You want to return to normal daily activities

Typical candidates for IDD Therapy are people who have back or neck pain and may have tried various other treatments without success. They may be taking pain medication and perhaps considering invasive treatments such as injections or in extreme cases, surgery.

IDD Therapy Disc Treatment

IDD Therapy not only relieves pain but also lifts depression associated with pain. Patients can avoid using drugs daily to avoid addiction.

Advanced Health Solutions – GA Spine & Disc offers safe and effective Idd Therapy Disc Treatment Woodstock GA that can relieve your back or neck pain. Call us today at (770) 212-3991 or fill out an online contact form to schedule your consultation and/or book an appointment.

Start your journey to pain-free living today!

IDD Therapy Disc Treatment

IDD Therapy Disc Treatment



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