Hormone Replacement Therapy Woodstock

Hormone Replacement Therapy Woodstock

Hormone Replacement Therapy Woodstock.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Woodstock

Dr. Kal, our top chiropractor, offers hormone replacement therapy Woodstock at Advanced Health Solutions – GA Spine & Disc. The primary goals of this therapy are to improve symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, hot flashes, weight gain, menstrual irregularities, reduced sex drive, hair loss, etc., and improve your quality of life and overall health through hormone balance.

The body starts experiencing various hormonal changes as the age increases, which interfere with the body’s normal functioning and many a time leading to diseases. Some of the common problems that people face due to hormonal misbalance include memory decline, weight gain, low libido, fatigue, and aging appearance and muscle loss. The advancements in the field of medical science have changed everything, and now you do not need to bother anymore about these problems. Yes, they’re curable now and therefore, you can enjoy beaming health throughout your life.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Woodstock

Your ovaries produce less progesterone and estrogen as you get close to menopause. The two hormones control the monthly cycle. Also, these hormones affect the health of your heart, bones, and vagina.

These hormones can be replaced with versions made in a lab (known as a hormone replacement therapy) to ease some symptoms of menopause. However, before deciding if HRT is right for you, it is essential to understand its benefits and risks and discuss them with your doctor.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

It’s basically a revolutionary method used to increase specific hormone levels in the body that have reduced with the increasing age of a person. Women suffer from problems such as weight gain, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, and mood swings after menopause. That is why they mainly undergo estrogen treatment to fight them. Generally, men opt for testosterone hormone replacement therapy Woodstock to get proper erectile function and improve muscle tone.

People often opt for these two common types of hormone replacement therapies. A person in his or her 40s or 50s typically requires this kind of treatment though people in their 30s may suffer from the same problem as well.

Benefits of HRT

Hormone replacement therapy Woodstock may:

  • Relieve night sweats and hot flashes
  • Ease vaginal itching and dryness
  • Help you sleep better
  • Make sex less painful

The effects of HRT on your health after menopause may be even more important. Studies have revealed that HRT can:

  • Lower your chances of dementia
  • Help prevent fractures that osteoporosis (thinning bones) causes
  • Make some women less likely to have heart disease

Risk of HRT

In 2002, early findings of the Women’s Health Initiative seemed to show that Hormone Replacement Therapy Woodstock could slightly increase the odds of stroke, heart disease, and breast cancer in women who had gone menopause and were taking a combination progestin (a form of progesterone) and estrogen.

However, most of the women who took part in the study were over 60, and the results were not clear. Still, many women stopped or didn’t start HRT due to publicity.

Since then, research has revealed that the benefits can be greater than the risks for most women. However, HRT may still increase your chances of:

  • Blood clots
  • Breast cancer
  • Stroke
  • Endometrial cancer, if you still have your uterus and you take estrogen without progestin

Hormone Replacement Therapy Woodstock

Do you want to know whether Hormone Replacement Therapy Woodstock is right for you? Contact Advanced Health Solutions – GA Spine & Disc today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kal. Call us at (770) 212-3991 or use our contact form.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Woodstock

Hormone Replacement Therapy Woodstock


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