German Laws for Travelers

Germany’s reputation as a world-famous vacation destination is growing exponentially. More and more people travel to Germany every year from hundreds if not thousands of countries. In the first six-months of 2006, Germany was chosen as a destination by over 2.2 millions Americans. A few German laws and regulations can help you make the most of your trip to this wonderful country

Germany Travel Guide: Entry and Travel

It is mandatory to have a valid passport in order to enter Germany. Visas are not required to enter Germany or countries that are members the Schengen Group. These include neighboring countries Belgium and France, Denmark, France, Denmark, Austria, and Switzerland.

European regulations require that passports should be stamped to verify entry into a country. However, not every German entry point is staffed to carry out this function. You might need to make arrangements ahead of time to ensure that a stamp is available on entry. Travelers without this stamp might be asked to produce proper documentation at the time they exit.

Germany safety

Even though these rare events may not occur often, travelers should still be aware that terrorist organizations could be operating. These cases are far less common in Germany, than they are in other parts. It is worth noting that Germany has an open border arrangement with other European nations. There have been isolated cases of racial discrimination in the past that could lead to aggravation for travelers. It is best to avoid areas that are the subject of protests or demonstrations in order for travelers to have maximum security. If you are traveling to Germany, it is important that you know the location and emergency contact number of the local German law enforcement.

Driving in Germany

Germany’s unique courtesy standards make driving in Germany pleasant for visitors from other nations.

Many tourists consider a German vacation incomplete without a drive on Germany’s famous Autobahn. The Autobahn has many sections that are free from speed limits. Germany’s laws regarding driver courtesy mean that accidents and automobile fatalities are rare even when driving at high speeds. It is generally illegal on the right to pass where slower traffic is to stop. Also, the legal blood-alcohol limit in Germany may be significantly lower than in other countries. This is to protect public safety.

All German vehicle passengers must wear seatbelts. When conducting routine traffic stop procedures, traffic officers will often be able to collect the fine on-the-spot. If the driver cannot pay the ticket in a timely manner, the vehicle might be impounded until it is paid.

Before you take the wheel, review German laws regarding BAC limits.


Germany has stringent rules for importing paraphernalia or items related to World War II. Facist, racist and Nazi propaganda printed on paper or on audio media is not allowed to be transported within or outside of Germany unless in very rare circumstances. This is often reserved for research and historical purposes.


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