Food Allergies And Chiropractic Woodstock GA

Food Allergies and Chiropractic Care

Allergies typically occur when the immune system of an individual`s body goes into “overdrive”. Some of the most common food allergies include dairy, soy, gluten, nuts, eggs, and white fish.

For most kids, allergies are usually mild and mostly seem to disappear when they grow up—though this is not common, and can be lifelong with nut, seed, peanut, and even seafood allergies.

Allergic Reactions And What Happens

The immune system of the body has mast cells in the lungs, eyes, skin, gut, and the nose. These cells have allergy antibodies which are usually released when the allergen proteins are recognized. The allergen proteins “unlock” the immune system defenses and cause allergic reactions when the antibodies are dumped into the tissues of the body.

Allergy reaction symptoms include swelling in & around the airways and mouth, tummy pain with vomiting and diarrhea, and itchy rashes.

Other food allergies are very severe and might be life threatening. Therefore, it can lead to anaphylactic shock. Most children and adults need to carry an EpiPen for injecting a life-saving epinephrine dose into their thighs in case they eat or are exposed to allergens.

Links Between The Immune System And Nervous System

In the U.S, clinical experts argue that the evidence showing that the immune system & nervous system are linked in many ways and is rising.

Adrenal glands are well known to release `”stress” hormones into an individual`s blood system. These hormones are the “flight or fight” hormones that are meant to help a person`s body to respond to emergencies. But, the same hormones may prevent the body`s immune system from correctly protecting the body of an individual.

The hormones produced by the body of an individual and other chemicals that convey “messages” between the nerve cells, communicate with the immune systems also.

Food Allergies and Chiropractic

Restoring the natural balance of the body and putting all other things back to normal with the help of chiropractic care will release pressure on an individual`s nervous system, and strengthen the immune system and help it to work precisely.

Admittedly, chiropractic care works well since it helps in putting the body of a person back into balance. It realigns the spine and removes subluxations. Therefore, it helps the body to heal itself. As experts in this field, we offer holistic approaches to allergy treatments that get an individual`s body functioning well.

In conclusion, the above is important information to know regarding food allergies and chiropractic.


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