Concussion And Chiropractic

Chiropractors are mostly the first healthcare service providers to care patients that are suffering from head injuries, like the ones incurred in car or sports accidents. Indeed, chiropractors are experts who can manage individuals who are suffering from concussions

More information about Concussion and Chiropractic

A chiropractor uses a special assessment tool known as Sports Concussion Assessment Tool 2, abbreviated as SCAT2, to assess, evaluate, and manage concussion in an athlete who is 10 years or older with an aim pf returning the athlete safely back to his or her sport. The assessment tool is always used to assess the symptoms, the physical signs, sideline evaluation by use of Maddocks score, Glasgow Coma Scale, cognitive assessment, coordination, and balance.

Indeed, chiropractors understand some symptoms that indicate that the neurological signs are worsening. Some of such symptoms include:

• Stumbling

• Blurred vision

• Vomiting

• Dilated pupils

• Unconsciousness

• Increased confusion

• Worsening headache

• Weakness in on arm or leg

Since concussions are brain injuries that are caused by a direct blow to an individual`s head, neck, or face, there is a likelihood that the blow has resulted in misalignment of the cervical spine. This is a similar case to whiplash resulting in misalignment of the cervical spine. A chiropractor should examine whether the patient shows signs of a neck injury which is commonly related to concussions. The chiropractor should then provide the patient with the relief of the neck pain & cervicogenic headaches.

According to clinical research, the most valuable advice that a chiropractor should tell his or her patients of what to do as far as concussions are concerned is that; they should rest until they completely recover from the concussion. Indeed, the only time to get back to regular work or into the sport is after the symptoms have subsided. Also, the victim should not jump back into the work or game in full force. That way, one will be able to prevent the symptoms from returning.

In addition, other guidelines that a chiropractor should give the patients include avoiding alcohol, anti-inflammatory medications, and aspirin. Besides, the patients should take sleep agents. They should use Tylenol for the pain if necessary.

In conclusion, the above is some of the information that one should know regarding Concussion and Chiropractic. The chiropractor will be taking care of an individual`s cervical spine & condition. And in case he or she should be referred out to another health expert, the chiropractor will inform him or her accordingly.

Concussion And Chiropractic