Chiropractic Care For Children

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Chiropractic Care For Children

Chiropractic Care For Children – Woodstock.

Chiropractic Care For Children, Woodstock is a vital part of your child’s overall wellness. According to the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, more than 17 percent of all chiropractic patients are under 18. Of that 17 percent, about 8 percent are 5 years or younger. While it may seem that children don’t need chiropractic care Woodstock at a young age, it can set them up for a lifetime of health and well-being. It is essential to start your children with preventative care early on in life.

Your Child’s Nervous System

The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. It controls everything in the body, including growth and development. Subluxations, also called misalignments, in the spine, can lead to poor communication from the brain to the body. The stress to the nervous system due to these subluxations reduces the function of the affected area.

A child’s nervous system controls and regulates all the other systems for their body growth. From blood flow to bone growth and brain function, the nervous stems play a crucial role in the body organs and tissues working and healthy.

Stress and misalignment of the spine can affect children

Stress and misalignment of the spine can seriously affect your child’s overall health, development, and behavior. Advanced Health Solutions – GA Spine & Disc offers chiropractic care for children Woodstock that works to correct any underlying issues before they become hard-wired during development. It supports a pain-free and successful childhood.


Adults, children, and infants can experience subluxations in the spine. Children and infants can become subluxated from birth trauma, developmental stress, and other major or minor traumas. The body produces pathways that are more neural during the first five years of life than at any other time. It is important that chiropractic care for children can optimize this production since the first few years are vital to every child’s potential.

Even if your child is in good health, minor traumas from bruises, bumps, falls and slips accumulate over time and can cause pain, discomfort and/or health issues during their teen and adult years.

The Adjustment

Patient of all ages, including newborns, can benefit from the chiropractic adjustments. After assessing your child’s spine, Dr. Kal, our top chiropractor, will perform a gentle adjustment using a small tool or his hands. This adjustment and the use of chiropractic therapies helps to remove the subluxation.

Commonly Seen Improvements

Over the years, Dr. Kal and the chiropractors at Advanced Health Solutions – GA Spine & Disc have received positive feedback about chiropractic care for children Woodstock. Parents and young patients have been reporting significant improvements in:

  • Sleep – children may find it difficult to fall asleep due to physical stress and discomfort. Chiropractic care alleviates several problems with the body, thus improving sleep in children. During the day, the children will function better.
  • Behavior and attitude – Enough sleep for children, develop a more positive outlook and better conduct. Child behavior improves after treating physical stress in his or her body. Maintaining the spinal health of children in their early years will benefit them for years to come.
  • Immune system function – Spinal misalignment affects neurological functions and as a result, affect an immature immune system. The nervous system controls every system of the body. Chiropractic for children ensures a better state of their health and well-being.

Chiropractic Care For Children

In addition, patients have reported improvement on symptoms and conditions such as colic, ADD/ADHD, ear infections, torticollis, bed-wetting, allergies, digestive problems, seizures, asthma, and more.

Make an appointment to talk to Dr. Kal, our top Woodstock chiropractor, about the benefits of chiropractic care for children. Call us today at (770) 212-3991 or fill out the contact form to book an appointment.

Chiropractic Care For Children

Chiropractic Care For Children



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